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The abuse and destruction of God’s greatest gifts

By August 25, 2015No Comments


“… a widespread mentality of profit, the throwaway culture, which has today enslaved the hearts and minds of so many.” Pope Francis, on the subject of abortion

The recent revelations of Planned Parenthood’s practice of marketing fetal parts and bodies generated by abortion has shaken much of the nation. As Catholics, we know the common good can never be achieved at the expense of the lives of the most vulnerable and defenseless. As science and technology now confirm what pro-life advocates have advanced for decades, it is vital we act to defend God’s greatest resource, human life, and protect women and families from the false promise of abortion. Abortion is not healthcare and the Iowa Catholic Conference welcomes discussion about options for providing access to women’s health services without giving cover to the procedure that extinguishes both life and dignity.

The support for post-abortive women should be even more of a priority at this time, making available services that offer both hope and healing for women and families. According to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, “If the Planned Parenthood news coverage has caused anyone to experience revived trauma from their own involvement in abortion, be assured that any and all persons will be welcomed with compassion and assistance through the Church’s post-abortion healing ministry, Project Rachel.”

If you or someone you know is seeking confidential, nonjudgmental help, please visit www.projectrachel.com.

The USCCB works in close association with the National Committee for a Human Life Amendment, NCHLA, an organization dedicated to educating citizens, developing pro-life legislative networks, and offering programs in support of pro-life legislation.

Recently a measure to redirect health care funding away from Planned Parenthood failed in the U.S. Senate. However, NCHLA makes it easy to thank Iowa’s senators for their yes votes on the issue. Go to http://www.nchla.org/action.asp.