Policy Briefs

20-Week Abortion Ban 2011

We are writing to express our support for House File 657, which would prohibit late-term abortions in Iowa. For us, this is a question of the common good. Human life is precious and should be protected in our laws. Protecting the lives of these children about to be born should not be considered primarily a partisan issue or even a religious issue. It is in the best interest of the State of Iowa to welcome these new citizens into our midst.
The people we serve understand the importance of this issue and support this legislation. On their behalf we ask that every effort be made to bring this bill to a vote in the Senate.


Most Rev. Jerome Hanus, OSB, Archbishop of Dubuque

Most Rev. R. Walker Nickless, Bishop of Sioux City

Most Rev. Martin Amos, Bishop of Davenport

Most Rev. Richard Pates, Bishop of Des Moines