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E-book available on the topic of dying and hospice care

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We are also pleased to share with you an e-book on the topic of dying and hospice care.

Contemporary society attempts to ignore the reality of death. Unfortunately, this leaves many people unprepared and/or unwilling to handle the challenges faced when they, or their loved ones, receive a terminal diagnosis.

Written by Mark Schmidt, the Respect Life/Social Justice Director of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, “Into Your Hands Lord: A Catholic Companion to Dying and Hospice Care” is a simple guide to assist in the journey towards death and into new life. Grounded in the Passion of the Christ and Catholic teaching, this companion will assist families in discussing issues such as: artificial nutrition and hydration, pain medications, coping with the absence of a loved one, and various other aspects of the dying process.

A version of the book for a Christian (not specifically Catholic) audience is also available. If you’re interested contact [email protected].

The book is available at this link: into_your_hands_lord_a-catholic-companion-to-dying-and-hosp