The Catholic bishops of Iowa have written to our congressional delegation in support of immigration reform, especially allowing Dreamers and other undocumented workers to integrate as fully recognized members of our society.

The bishops said, “Catholic teaching on social justice comments on the common good: balancing rights and duties to ensure the well-being of the individual and the community. The community benefits when individuals are assured the needful to live in dignity: food, shelter, work, fair wage, education, health care, and protection from harm.”

Now you have an opportunity to speak out too! Especially during the August recess, we need your help in asking Congress to support the enactment of immigration reform. Please contact your members of Congress by visiting the following links:

Click here for the sample message for the U.S. House

Click here for the sample message for the U.S. Senate

Congressional action on this issue is critical because a U.S. District Court has blocked new DACA applicants from receiving relief and seriously threatens future protection for current DACA recipients. DACA allows certain undocumented individuals brought to the United States as children – known as Dreamers – to remain in the country.

Thanks for your consideration.