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Marriage Amendment 2007

Iowa Catholic Conference Statement on an Iowa Constitutional Amendment regarding Marriage October 2007 “Marriage is a basic human and social institution. Though it is regulated by civil laws and church laws, it did not originate from either the church or state, but from God. Therefore, neither church nor state can alter the basic meaning and [...]

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Immigration 2006

Iowa Catholic Conference A Statement on Immigration Reform May 24th, 2006 In his first encyclical, Deus Caritas Est (God is Love) Pope Benedict XVI speaks of the love which God lavishes upon us and which we in turn must share with others.  He states that love needs to be organized if it is to be [...]

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Taxation 2003

Iowa Catholic Conference Statement on Taxation October 20, 2003 "Amen. I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me." Matthew 25:40. From Biblical times to the present, the Judeo-Christian tradition has been the foundation of many legal tenets. This tradition continues today to be invoked [...]

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Immigration 2000

STATEMENT ON AMNESTY IOWA CATHOLIC CONFERENCE May 24, 2000 As we reflect on the year 2000 as a "year of Jubilee", the Iowa Catholic Conference calls on the Congressional delegation from Iowa to work toward the enactment of a new federal amnesty program. The number of undocumented persons in Iowa has grown steadily since the [...]

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Taxing and Funding 1999

IOWA CATHOLIC CONFERENCE STATEMENT ON PROPOSED AMENDMENTS TO THE IOWA CONSTITUTION May 27, 1999 "In a world characterized by growing prosperity for some, and pervasive poverty for others, Catholic teaching proclaims that a basic moral test is how our most vulnerable members are faring. In a society marred by deepening divisions between rich and poor, [...]

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Rural Life 1998

RURAL LIFE STATEMENT "A Call to Reflect on God's Creation in Preparation for the Millennium" Iowa Catholic Conference November 5, 1998 Our Catholic tradition, rooted in the writings of the prophets and the words and deeds of Jesus, calls us to reflect on the fullness of God's creation as we prepare for the Millennium, the [...]

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Roe vs Wade 1998

STATEMENT OF CATHOLIC BISHOPS OF IOWA ON THE 25TH ANNIVERSARY OF ROE V. WADE January 22, 1998 Recently, the Catholic Bishops of the United States issued a pastoral statement: "Light and Shadows: Our Nation 25 Years After Roe v. Wade." In it a somber and dark remembrance of the legalization of abortion and its aftermath [...]

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Death Penalty 1998

IOWA CATHOLIC BISHOPS' STATEMENT ON DEATH PENALTY February 4, 1998 We speak in opposition to the death penalty and its possible reinstatement in Iowa. We challenge the people of Iowa, especially our own Catholic faithful, to examine the issue of capital punishment in the light of basic moral and religious values. After further review and [...]

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School Choice 1996

SCHOOL CHOICE STATEMENT BY IOWA BISHOPS May 14, 1996 One of the primary missions of the Catholic Church in Iowa is the education of children. In 1836, ten years before Iowa achieved statehood, the first Catholic school in Iowa was started at St. Raphael Cathedral in Dubuque. Today there are over 150 Catholic schools in [...]

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Immigration 1996

STATEMENT ON IMMIGRATION November 7, 1996             “For the Lord your God…renders justice for the orphans and the widows, and welcomes the foreigners, feeding and clothing them.  So you must welcome the foreigners, for you were once foreigners yourselves.”  (cf. Dt. 10:17-19.)             The moral test of any society is how it treats its weakest [...]

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