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At the state legislature we advocate for policies that respect the life and dignity of the human person, and apply the principles of Catholic social teaching to critical issues of the day.

We encourage Catholics to inform their conscience and participate in the political process. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us in social media to stay informed and add your voice to that of many Catholics from around the state.

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“In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue and participation in political life is a moral obligation.”

− Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Iowa Catholic BishopsNews
May 23, 2022

ICC Newsletter, May 23, 2022

IOWA BISHOPS RELEASE STATEMENT ON ‘DOBBS’ The Iowa bishops have released a statement following the leak of a draft opinion from the U.S. Supreme Court on the Dobbs v. Jackson…
Policy Briefs
May 23, 2022

A statement from the Catholic bishops of Iowa regarding the Dobbs decision, May 23, 2022

May 23, 2022 Guided by science and faith, Catholics are praying fervently that the U.S. Supreme Court will overturn the claim to a constitutional right to abortion in its ruling…
May 13, 2022

ICC Newsletter, May 13, 2022

The Students First proposal is still being discussed at the Capitol. It would offer funding for some parents to send their children to a nonpublic school. The bill has already…
May 6, 2022

ICC Newsletter, May 6, 2022

DOBBS DRAFT OPINION LEAKED A draft opinion in the U.S. Supreme Court case of “Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization” was leaked last week. In response, there are again efforts…
April 22, 2022

ICC Newsletter, April 22, 2022

NEGOTIATIONS CONTINUE Negotiations continue between the chambers on wrapping up the legislative session. One of the areas of disagreement is the Students First/Education Savings Accounts scholarship plan supported by Gov.…
April 16, 2022

ICC Newsletter, April 16, 2022

Work has slowed down at the Statehouse while the House and Senate have failed to come to an agreement on several issues. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to…
April 10, 2022

ICC Newsletter, April 11, 2022

Work is slowing down at the Iowa Capitol because the House and Senate have differing approaches on some issues. For example, the House has passed several departmental budget bills, but…
April 1, 2022

ICC Newsletter, April 4, 2022

STUDENTS FIRST BILL PASSES SENATE The Iowa Senate has passed Senate File 2369 by a vote of 31-18 and sent it to the House. The bill includes Students First scholarships…
March 27, 2022

ICC Newsletter, March 27, 2022

ACTION ALERTS Thanks to the many of you who contacted your lawmakers about Senate File 2354, the “Iowa MOMS” bill. If you haven’t had an opportunity, click here for a…
March 18, 2022

ICC Newsletter, March 18, 2022

Since the second legislative deadline passed on Friday, the House and Senate’s attention turns to floor debate as they enter the last weeks of the session. The Iowa Catholic Conference…
March 14, 2022

ICC Newsletter, March 14, 2022

SECOND DEADLINE APPROACHES The next legislative deadline is this Friday. After the deadline only bills that have passed one chamber and a committee in the other chamber will be eligible…
March 6, 2022

ICC Newsletter, March 7, 2022

PRAYERS The Iowa Catholic Conference lifts up our prayers for the victims of the tornados that ripped across the state Saturday night. SCHOLARSHIP BILLS MOVING The Education Celebration for nonpublic…